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Welcome & Thank you

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

YAY! very excited to finally write to you ( the one person who's reading this). I love what I do, الحمدلله I have been blessed from day one and through out my 6 years photography career. proudly photographing over 400 babies, 200 families & 100 radiantly pregnant women. I won't lie there are down rutty moments and days where i just wanted to quite, but because of the all the hard work & joy me and my teem put into it, i always find a way out of that rut and right back into it. I mean my clients are easily pleased with candy & small enough to sneak into my heart hehe, what's not to love.

So for my first blog of wisdom, I wanted to thank my little human clients and their lovely mommies. that made this dream career become an ultimate bright reality.

Welcome to my humble hut, where i will be allowed to self absorbingly blog about my day, my work and my amazeballs career.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. You rock!

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